RACUS – Welcome To Russia Without Stress.


As many of our blog visitors already know, RACUS offers everyone an opportunity to travel to Russia without stress as you go there for educational pursuits at very affordable prices.

Added to that now is the excitement of the opportunity to watch the Nigeria’s Super Eagles play live at the 2018 World Cup Competition in Russia without stress.

Dear friends! 

We invite you to Russia, a country where you will get the high quality higher education, gain wide cultural and life experience and find friends from all over the world!


Apply now for Foundation course in one of 20 Russian state universities of RACUS Group.

The Foundation course is a specialized educational program preceding undergraduate programs, where students learn Russian language and specialty-related subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, geography, history, literature) for 1 academic year (7-10 months).

After completing Foundation course you may choose from over 500 medical, engineering, technical, economic and humanitarian specialties to study in 2018/2019 academic year.

  • Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Postgraduate studies
  • Average tuition fee of Foundation course is JUST 2000-2500 USD per year
  • Studies in Russian, English and French medium of instruction
  • Degree of Russian state universities are recognized all over the world

To apply for studies at Foundation course you need to come to RACUS representative office and bring two documents: your passport and educational document

While you are choosing your future profession, we outlined some ideas how you can spend your weekends and holidays in Russia with your new friends:


  • Visit 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • Celebrate Russian New Year with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka
  • See White Nights in Saint-Petersburg (it is not a joke!)
  • Enjoy drinking tea and eating Russian “blini” with your friends
  • Have a trip to Moscow Kremlin
  • Go ice skating
  • Enjoy night life in company of your friends
  • Go to relax outside in Russian forest
  • Go to the ballet, theatre or museum
  • Play hockey, football, snowballs…



Apply for studies at Foundation course in Russian state university by the end of September!


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RACUS – Price List for 2017/2018 Academic Year.


Here reproduced below is the current Price List for the 2017/2018 Academic Year for the Russian State Universities affiliated to the RACUS Organisation.


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RACUS organization’s educational exhibition in Lusaka Zambia.


29th June, 2017

RACUS Organization’s Educational Exhibition – Study in Russia – held together with the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Lusaka, Zambia.

On 24th June 2017, the RACUS Group of Universities held an educational exhibition at the Russian Center of Science & Culture in Lusaka.
The exhibition attracted great interest among school leavers from 16 to 25 years, who wanted to fulfill their dreams of obtaining high-quality and fundamental education in one of the most prospective countries in the modern world – Russia.
Dr Christabel Chitolokwe who is the current President of the Russia-Zambia Graduates Association (ZAMRUS), was the special guest at the event. In her address to the school graduates present at the exhibition, Dr Chitolokwe, who trained in Russia and is working as a Programs Director for the European Union in Zambia, highlighted the advantages of studying in Russian universities. She also reiterated the huge contribution that Russian higher education continues to make in the development of the human resource capital in Zambia.
The official part of the exhibition concluded with a presentation on Russian education by Harold Mabula, who is the representative of RACUS organization in Zambia. In his presentation Mr Mabula gave a general background of Russia, and outlined the admission process and universities available. After the presentation, visitors had the opportunity to ask questions to Christabel Chitolokwe and representatives of RACUS organization in Zambia.
Among the more than 500 specialties offered by the universities of RACUS organization, Zambian graduates showed special interest in medical and engineering specialties. They were impressed by the opportunity to study in English. The participants were provided with colourful brochures with information about the universities belonging to the RACUS group as well as souvenirs.
Obtaining high quality higher education in Russia which is based on state educational standards and adopted to the realities of the labor market gives broad opportunities to Zambian youth for further professional development. Such specialized educational events held by RACUS organization contribute significantly to the strengthening of the interest of applicants in prestigious Russian higher education and help to maintain friendly cultural relations between our countries.
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Racus Holds An International Educational Exhibition In Benin.


29th May, 2017

From May 25 to 27, 2017 the RACUS organization took part in the international educational exhibition “Benin: Higher Education-2017”, which took place in Cotonou, the capital of the country.
Such educational exhibitions are indispensable events in the life of the youth of Benin. It allows the youth of the country to get acquainted with new opportunities in the field of higher education and to obtain the necessary information on admission to a particular university.
This educational exhibition has no equivalents in Benin, and therefore it is the most attractive for the entrants and their parents. A wide range of universities and programs presented at the exhibition by the group of Russian state universities RACUS leaves no one indifferent.
Being annually represented for last 10 years in the educational market of Benin, the higher educational institutions of Russia are in great demand among the graduates of the country’s educational institutions and their parents.
The group of Russian state universities  RACUS as usual become one of the largest and most interesting participants of the exhibition in 2017, presenting the visitors with an opportunity to get higher education in 20 prestigious Russian state universities.
The original and colorful stand of the organization RACUS was in the center of attention of visitors of the exhibition and enabled hundreds of graduates to get acquainted with the education system in Russia, as well as with more than 20 of the largest prestigious Russian state universities belonging to the RACUS group and more than 500 medical, engineering and technical, economic, humanitarian training and specialties.
At the stand of the organization RACUS visitors could consult about the possibility of obtaining higher education in Russia, the quality of the proposed education, the opportunity of studying in French, English and Russian languages ​​at affordable prices, the quality of life in Russia and the way of student life and living conditions in Russian dormitories.
The culture of Russia deserved special attention: many Benin people are little acquainted with the rich history and multinational traditions of Russia. The more was their surprise from the fascinating video about Russia, a country rich in possibilities. Thus, Russian state universities of the RACUS group offer graduates a choice between studying in Russian, which will allow Benin youth to master one of the most widely spoken languages ​​of the world, one of the six working languages ​​of the UN and UNESCO, and studying in their native French language on such specialties as “Medical business”, “Dentistry”, “Pharmacy”.
During the conference with the staff of the RACUS organization, graduates, pupils of the senior classes of local schools, together with their parents, watched a unique video about Russian education, as well as original presentations about Russian universities belonging to the RACUS group. In addition to getting acquainted with the most demanded in the Benin labor market areas of training, visitors of the exhibition were able to ask their questions and receive exhaustive answers.
The most frequent were questions about the life of students in Russia, and the most popular specialties were medical, such as “Medicine” and “Pharmacy”, as well as engineering and technical training profiles.
The educational exhibition, held from May 25 to 27, allowed the residents and school children of Benin to learn about the incredible opportunities that can change the life of each of them. Among all visitors to the stand of the group of Russian state universities – RACUS – souvenir products and colorful brochures on French language were distributed with information on the possibility of obtaining higher education at Russian state universities belonging to the RACUS group. All visitors were invited to the office of the representative office of the organization RACUS in Benin to receive individual consultations and enrollment in the 2017/2018 school year.
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Racus – Admission Period For Admission Into Russian Universities Now Open


11th February, 2017

The Racus Group welcomes you to the 2017 Academic year and wishes to inform all interested students and graduates that the 2017 Admission Window to Russian Universities is now open.

Application for the Foundation Course runs from the 10th January, 2017 through to the 1st October, 2017 while that of  programs partially taught in English and French languages: is from 10th of January to 15th of August.

More Details to follow soon.

Meanwhile if you happen to live in Ghana, We wish inform you that from February 9th till 11th, 2017 (from Thursday till Saturday) RACUS organization will take part in International Educational Fair in Kumasi, Ghana, at Anglican Senior High School.

Exhibition working hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free entry.




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Racus Nigeria – Compliments Of The Season To You All


Racus Nigeria is using this medium to wish our friends here and in our Central Office in St. Petersburg, Russia

A very very Merry Christmas and a very very Prosperous New Year 2017 in advance.

May the Almighty God grant your heart desires in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN!

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Racus – Courses Available in English Language Medium


In response to all those of you who keep asking me on Facebook and in person if you can study in Russia in the English Language medium, I bring to your attention the courses concerned and in which higher institutions they are offered. Hope this answers your questions. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to post them on our Facebook page and on my profile. Be sure you will get the answers to your questions.


We at Racus Nigeria herewith wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2017.We at Racus Nigeria herewith wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2017.R

Racus Nigeria wishes all our friends and visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2017 in advance.

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RACUS organization participates in round table conference in Saint-Petersburg.


24th November, 2016.

The round table “Improvement of international scientific and academic relations of higher education institutions in the present context” was held in the framework of Saint-Petersburg Week of Science and Higher education in Saint-Petersburg from the 18th till the 25th of November, 2016.

RACUS Director General and his Deputy participated in this round table. Among its participants there were the representatives of Saint-Petersburg Government – Committee for Science and Higher Education of St. Petersburg and Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg, the representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo – Federal Agency for CIS issues, living abroad compatriots and international humanitarian cooperation and the delegates of higher education institutions of St. Petersburg and Azerbaijan, China, Finland.
The issues of new realities and perspectives of interregional and international scientific and educational cooperation and promotion of educational and scientific potential of Russia abroad were discussed by experts of the round table.
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Racus Nigeria – Presentation At C.S.J. Vom Plateau State, Nigeria.


Dateline: 11th November, 2016.

Updated 16th November, 2016.

As part of its public awareness program, Racus Nigeria was at the Carreer Talk Day at one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Nigeria – The St. Joseph’s College, Vom in the Plateau State of Nigeria where it was ably represented by Mr. Kingsley Okpoh the country’s representative for Racus.

At this program which featured a number of invited guests including government representatives from the Ministry of Education and the State Scholarship board as well as members of Old Boys Association (VOBA SET 91), the students had a first hand presentation of the opportunities that abound for them as far studying abroad is concerned especially for those who may wish to take advantage of the low tuition opportunities that abound in the state universities of the Russian Federation.

Presented below are a few photos from the event which took place on the 11th November, 2016 at the School’s Rev. Fr. Glynn’s Hall.

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19  21   22

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32  33  20

It is the wish of Racus Nigeria to take this experience to some other notable schools in the country as time goes by. Any interested school or organisation can get through to Racus through our contact address or by sending an sms to this number; 09063477372. (SMS Only, pls).




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Racus Nigeria – What is unique about studying in Russia?


In this post, I want us to take a look at why it is interesting to study in Russia.

Why Russia?

More than 210 000 international students from about 200 countries of the world are currently studying at Russian state universities. What makes Russia such a popular study abroad destination?




Why do students come to get higher education in Russia?

1. To live in a unique country

  • Russia is the biggest country in the world in terms of territory.
  • Russia is a hospitable and a tolerant country; it is home to 160 different ethnic groups who live together in peace, and followers of all the biggest world religions.
  • Russia possesses a unique cultural and historical heritage.
  • Russia has no equal when it comes to the beauty of its natural landscapes and diversity of its architectural styles.
  • Russia offers great opportunities for participating in sport at the most modern sports grounds and for attending sports events of international status; Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympics (in Sochi) and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • In Russia anyone can find a use for their talents and the opportunity to develop their creative abilities; students can get special rates on tickets at museums, theaters, cinemas, galleries, cafes, parks and many other places where they can spend free time with their friends.

2. To get prestigious higher education recognized all over the world

  • The Russian higher education system is comprised of more than 650 state universities where about 9 million people st udy; more than 210 000 of these come from about 200 different countries.
  • Russian higher educ ation offers a wealth of choice from more than 300 medical, engineering, economic and humanities specialties.
  • Russian higher education is based on the world-renowned school of fundamental and applied science, at the base of which lie the great discoveries of Russian scientists, which determined the course of developments in world science for many centuries ahead.
  • Russian higher education gives the possibility of access to the most modern laboratories and scientific-technical centers.
  • Russian higher education guarantees quality and highly competent teaching personnel (on average 80% of professors hold PhD degrees).
  • Russian higher education consists of prestigious universities with more than 100 years of history and globally-respected degrees which are recognized all over the world.
  • The study of foreign citizens at Russian state universities is up to 80% subsidized by the Government of Russia, making it affordable (the average cost of an academic year, including accommodation in a student hostel, is 2500-4000 USD).
  • International students entering a Russian state university through RACUS get all necessary professional support and guidance throughout the whole period of study (up to 7 years).

3. To learn Russian language

  • The Russian language is one of the key languages of international communication. It is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widely spoken among the Slavic languages, and the largest native language in Europe. More than 350 million people can speak Russian.
  • Russian is one of six official languages of the United Nations. Russian is the official “language of space”. All astronauts learn Russian. Russian tourists travel to all corners of the globe; knowledge of Russian often helps those in the hospitality business to move up the career ladder.
  • Russian language is beautiful and unique. Learning Russian will give you the opportunity to read the classic novels of prominent Russian writers in the original – Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov and many others. It will also help you better understand the Russian culture and the mysterious Russian soul.

Welcome to study in Russia!


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