RACUS organization’s educational exhibition in Lusaka Zambia.

29th June, 2017

RACUS Organization’s Educational Exhibition – Study in Russia – held together with the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Lusaka, Zambia.

On 24th June 2017, the RACUS Group of Universities held an educational exhibition at the Russian Center of Science & Culture in Lusaka.
The exhibition attracted great interest among school leavers from 16 to 25 years, who wanted to fulfill their dreams of obtaining high-quality and fundamental education in one of the most prospective countries in the modern world – Russia.
Dr Christabel Chitolokwe who is the current President of the Russia-Zambia Graduates Association (ZAMRUS), was the special guest at the event. In her address to the school graduates present at the exhibition, Dr Chitolokwe, who trained in Russia and is working as a Programs Director for the European Union in Zambia, highlighted the advantages of studying in Russian universities. She also reiterated the huge contribution that Russian higher education continues to make in the development of the human resource capital in Zambia.
The official part of the exhibition concluded with a presentation on Russian education by Harold Mabula, who is the representative of RACUS organization in Zambia. In his presentation Mr Mabula gave a general background of Russia, and outlined the admission process and universities available. After the presentation, visitors had the opportunity to ask questions to Christabel Chitolokwe and representatives of RACUS organization in Zambia.
Among the more than 500 specialties offered by the universities of RACUS organization, Zambian graduates showed special interest in medical and engineering specialties. They were impressed by the opportunity to study in English. The participants were provided with colourful brochures with information about the universities belonging to the RACUS group as well as souvenirs.
Obtaining high quality higher education in Russia which is based on state educational standards and adopted to the realities of the labor market gives broad opportunities to Zambian youth for further professional development. Such specialized educational events held by RACUS organization contribute significantly to the strengthening of the interest of applicants in prestigious Russian higher education and help to maintain friendly cultural relations between our countries.
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