Racus – Requirements and Procedure for Getting Your Russian Student Visa.

25th March, 2018.

As enlightenment for those who may be visiting this website for the first time, I wish to us this article to acquaint you all with the procedures for for getting a Russian Student Visa.

Requirements for qualifying as a student in Russia through the «RACUS»  Organisation are as follows;

  1. The intending student shall get a «RACUS»  Student Application Form (contains two pages and is given to him or her by the  «RACUS»  representative in the country) and correctly fill in the required details as correctly as possible. Where necessary, the representative shall provide a guide for doing this appropriately.
  2. The prospective student shall also provide photocopies of his or her International Passport pages that clearly show Photo, Personal Data, Date of Issue/Expiry and location where it was issued.
  3. Also to be submitted along with the above documents are copies of Higher Secondary School Certificate / Degree of Higher Education (for those applying for Masters Degree and above) together with their Transcripts.
  4. A one-time processing fee of 250 US Dollars or its equivalent in Euro or the local currency in the country where the application is initiated.
  5. In the case where the prospective student is a citizen of a different country from that in which he is applying, he or she must submit a copy of his or her Resident Permit, Work Permit or other documents that confirm his or her right to live on the territory of that country.
  6. The rest of the Application Procedure and onward transfer of documents to Russia is handled by the «RACUS» representative directly with the Head Office in Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation.
  7. If all the documents have been properly filled and provided as directed, the chances of success are quite high. The next communication from «RACUS» will be;
  • The provision of the candidate’s Admission Letter in the established format confirming the student’s admission for studies according to the Application Form received from the «RACUS»
  • Invoice for Payment of:
  • Tuition Fees.
  • Accommodation in the Students’ Hostel
  • Life and Health Insurance.

This information is already provided in the Tuition Fees List which can be found at http://racus.uneekomunikations.com/wp/racus-nigeria-tuition-fees-list-for-2018-2019-academic-session-in-russian-universities/.

  1. The “Invitation Letter for Studies” needed for the Visa Application at the Russian Embassy is provided by only on completion of all necessary payments. This letter is to be presented at the Russian Embassy in the country of application alongside other documents that are usually required for foreigners to travel to Russia. These usually include Medical Certificate of Fitness, and so on. The Russian Embassy shall provide the prospective student with this list as they vary from country to country.
  2. The admission process for the 2018/2019 is now open and prospective students are advised to apply immediately.
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